op Ways To Increase Instagram Followers

Top Ways To Increase Instagram Followers

Top Ways To Increase Instagram Followers

Top Ways To Increase Instagram Followers

There is a tough competition happening every day on Instagram? The aim? Getting more likes, comments, shares, and above all more followers. Have you ever thought about why getting more impressions matters so much on social platforms? To answer this question, you need to know what the impression is.

In fact, an impression happens as soon as someone views your content on the social platform. You might start wondering what all the fuzz is about. Why Instagram pages are hardly trying to come up with more creative and original content to steal the Instagram users' hearts and make them one of their followers? That's a very good question actually!

The impressions matter on Instagram because it could be literally the first step into your online success. How? Let me explain it to you with an example. Imagine that you are an unknown author. You have written a few books and hope book maniacs see your books and read them. At this point, it really doesn’t matter whether you are the worst author in the history of English literature or the most influential one.


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Do you know why? Because in any case, no one knows you. You have to be first recognized and then judged or appreciated. You start an Instagram page and start promoting and introducing your books. It takes only a bunch of viewers visiting your page, buying your books, loving them, and finally suggesting others to read it. That's how your business will grow! Now, we are getting to the interesting part!

On Instagram, there is an unwritten rule that says “the more followers; the more of everything else”. With more followers, more people view your books, more of them buy, and more of them encourage to buy your product. So, the goal is to expose your books to a bigger crow as much as possible.

This is true with every other business too. The number of followers on an Instagram page is the key! No wonder why thousands of companies have created that are selling followers to Instream pages. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the impact of followers on your business and the top ways to increase them. Let's get started.

Instagram Followers Matter, Do They?

Instagram Followers Matter, Do They?

You might have guessed why followers are so important for all Instagram pages based on the previous section. Here, we intend to get a bit deep and count the main reasons behind the importance of followers.

We really cannot say that the number of followers is the most important thing. Having said that, we should be aware of more followers facilitates and speed up the process of getting visibility on Instagram, if and only if other aspects of your page are good enough.

For example, no one cares about your 200K follower when your posts are getting, on average, only 100 comments or 2000 likes. But, if your content is original and you post them based on a schedule, more followers will be definitely a nice helper! The bottom line is that having more followers is exciting as long as you keep your content and plans as professional as possible.

Buying Followers? NOT Recommended

Buying Followers? NOT Recommended

So, we understand that having more followers act as a booster for you to reach you're subjective earlier. However, some people don’t want to build their community of followers naturally. They just want to have a reputable Instagram page with 800K followers within a month! regardless of all technical issues, it is not recommended to buy followers. Instead, people should try to grow their followers naturally.

It means that you have to create exceptional content and distribute them on Instagram. That's how by words from one mouth to another, you will start building your community gradually. Definitely, it doesn’t happen over a night. And, definitely, it requires dedication and sophistication in your content. So, no magic is involved! Just be an Instagram page, as it should be!

The Most Successful Examples Of Instagram Pages WithThe Highest Number Of Followers

The Most Successful Examples Of Instagram Pages WithThe Highest Number Of Followers

Do you know who has the highest number of followers on their account or page? The top 8 Instagram users are C. Ronaldo, The Rock, Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez, Lionel Messi, and Kim Kardashian with 318, 256, 254, 252, 249, 241, and 240 million followers.

Most of them (not all) have acquired such a great community by just relying on their skills and accomplishments. So, of course, it would be completely irrational to become as famous as they are. However, there is no reason why you cannot attract thousands or even millions of followers by relying on your capabilities. So, let's be realistic and see how you can get something out of your Instagram.

How To Increase Your Instagram Followers?

How To Increase Your Instagram Followers?

That is a very broad question, right? I mean there are lots of stuff you can talk about. The minute you open your page or account, you are racing against time to beat the odds and become as famous and popular as you want to.

Even the smallest details matter because your visitors are smart enough to see the difference between someone passionate about why he/she doing it and someone with just financial plans on the head trying to just raise money.

So, let's cut to the chase! What are those actions that can get you more followers? And, more important than getting followers, how do you plan to keep them with you, not unfollowing you after a week or so. Don’t worry since I am here to answer this question. Here is a shortlist of all you can do to guarantee a high number of followers after a specific amount of time.


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Make Yourself Discoverable

This is one of the first things every Instagram page owner must think about. It is vital because if you don’t do it, all your effort will be wasted. What do I mean by wasted here? Imagine that you are selling products on your Instagram page, right? So, in addition to introducing your products, you have to create original content. It could be anything from a short article to a professional video.

The more original content you create; the higher your chance is to sell. Now, it would be very sad when you put the time and energy and produce amazing content, but nobody comes and sees them! Or, even worse! You might have outsourced the content to a professional who is getting paid by you!

The solution is trying to make yourself more discoverable. You can easily increase your visibility by applying hashtags! What are they? Hashtags are phrases that start with # and then are followed by a word or phrase. Let's say nobody knows your business and you are new to Instagram.

How should people find you? Yes, you guessed it, with hashtags. You have to associate your posts and other content with hashtags. Then, if anybody is searching for the same hashtags you have been using, they will be exposed to your page. They may want to either be one of your followers or just leave.

There are some instructions you need to follow if you want to get the best out of hashtags. I am going to briefly mention them:

  • Don’t use too many hashtags. Some experts say 1-3 hashtags are enough per post. However, some others believe that using up to 11 hashtags per post is OK.
  • Use relevant hashtags. Just because a specific hashtag is popular, it doesn’t mean it can help your business. Sometimes it has a negative impact. When you add misleading hashtags, you are basically cheating people. they will come to your page thanks to the fake hashtag you have used, but then get disappointed and discouraged very quickly. Don’t put your reputability at risk by adding stupid hashtags.
  • Use hashtags to find out what your competitors are up to. The best way to find your competitors on Instagram is by searching them via hashtags. If they are successful, you can easily use their hashtags too.
  • Use customized hashtags. Sometimes, it is better to come up with new hashtags starting with you! why not? Just think and create something short and punchy.

Produce Green Content, Visual One In Particular

Produce Green Content, Visual One In Particular

What is green content? And, what is it good for? Well, let me put it this way. Green content is a text or video or photo that doesn’t get old. It is always practical, at least for several years. very good examples of green content are tutorial videos. If you are a mechanic and get customers via your Instagram page, you can increase your followers and accordingly your customers by producing original content which is useful for them.

A video showing how to make sure the break works well, to check whether any of the tires are flat, and to install the wheels' chain is a good example of green content in your niche. If you are an English teacher, create short videos explaining very common and important grammar in English. These videos will preserve their importance even after 10 years! So, think about what followers need to know and then create content about it. In addition to videos, photos, gifs, infographics are some other easy-to-digest materials for your visitors.

Try To Boost Your Brand Awareness

Try To Boost Your Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a fancy world but with a very simple meaning. Brand awareness means the degree of your business's popularity on a specific platform like Instagram. For example, when you think of sneakers, some brands like Nike and Adidas will jump into your head without you having any control over them. Or, when somebody is talking about the luxurious cellphone, can you stop thinking about Apple? No, you cannot!


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What Can You Do To Be Recognizable? 

Just take a look at the following instructions:

  • One of the first things you can do is team up with bigger names. You might ask them to promote you in return for doing something else for them. If your business is eligible and trustable and you ask them nicely, they might be willing to collaborate with you. They might share one or two of your posts, or support you by writing nice comments under your posts.
  • Another option is to collaborate with influencers in your specific field. People usually listen to them and recognize them as valuable sources of information.
  • Don’t forget to associate your content, especially the videos with the logo or website address of your brand.
  • Work with websites that review brands and businesses. You can send them some of your products and services and ask them to give a fair review of them. When people are hesitant about whether they buy something, they usually check out websites where people express their opinions about products and mention pros and cons.

Keep A Consistent Content Calendar

Keep A Consistent Content Calendar

People don’t like it when you are to a large extent unpredictable. I don’t want to say they don’t like to get surprised by you. However, there is a difference between surprising them and being messy and unorganized. This is very important when it comes to the number of content you post every day. Choosing the correct number is walking on a double-edged sword. However, if you have a plan, even not a very professional one, your visitors will get used to it and appreciate it.

When you post too much, people stop paying attention to the content and start thinking about unfollowing you to get rid of those consecutive posts. And, when you post not a lot, visitors gradually forget about you. it is pretty hard choosing how many as it changes according to the season, time of the year, etc.

The key here is to be consistent. The first message of consistency is that you love your business and you are following a plan! People like that even you are posting too much. And, please, use analytical tools too. These tools will let you know what time during the say your followers are mostly online on Instagram so you can post accordingly. Additionally, diversify your posts as much as possible. Use different features on Instagram to communicate with your visitors concerning different topics.

Show A Bit Of Your Personality! Let The Visitors Know You!

Instagram gives you plenty of options to get to know your followers and intrigue other visitors to join you. Instagram Live is a good example. Do you know why your personality is often more important than your business? Instagram is full of honest and unfortunately dishonest people. dishonest people can run a professional Instagram page and fill it every day with amazing content.

Instagram users will start buying from them until they realize that everything is a hoax! So, even with the high level of ingenuity and originality in your content, products, and services, your visitors must trust you first! Even a very small chat via direct messaging or asking a question during a live show can make an ordinary Instagram visitor a loyal customer.

You can use Instagram Live to share your life with your audience. And, it doesn’t need to be you dressed up like a king going to a party! That's exactly the point. Sometimes, even a simple and not planned Live showing you enjoying your breakfast can make you closer to your fans. Daily routine chores, big moments of success, giving a lecture at an important conference, etc. are some great ideas for a killer Live. Here are some tips and tricks for a friendly and productive Live:

  • Pit the title of your video: don’t expect anybody to stay when they don’t know what you are supposed to talk about. Time is obeisance and people will only wait for a few seconds. If they don’t get the topic, they are out.
  • Check who is joining the Live! Perhaps, one of your competitors is watching!
  • Every after a few minutes, remind people why they are in your Life and what you are talking about. Many people will join you in the middle of your Life.
  • Be you! having said that, I am not suggesting behaving to your audience as if they are your BFF. However, you don’t need to be too classy and luxurious to be believable.
  • Ask the audience to communicate with you through any channel they like. Direct message, comment section, email, etc. are some of the ways.
  • Finally, understand the advantages you are going to get from Live. In this way, you will appreciate how crucial it is and work harder in the future. Live on Instagram is often used for increasing visibility and engagement, building relationships, and developing brand identity. Even if only one of them happens, it will hugely impact your business.

Instagram Stories Will Make The Audience Come Back

Instagram Stories Will Make The Audience Come Back

Stories are one of the most engaging features on Instagram. Stories are content that will be disappeared after 24 hours. So, why would we spend time on something which is going to be lost right after 24 hours? What is the point of it?

  • Stories will improve your brand visibility as they are shown to the followers at the top of their feed with a pinkish ring announcing a new story published. This is a good start to attract attention. In contrast, other Instagram content such as regular posts is not notified.
  • Instagram stories have an amazing interactive and engaging nature so that you can suck all the information out of your audience. For example, you can ask them what is the best movie they have seen! It might not be very important to know this. However, an Instagram page manager knows how to use that information. Also, adding hashtags, videos, photos, and texts are all possible in Stories. So, it is not surprising to know that more than 90% of business advertisements happen through Instagram Stories.
  • People who are not following you can see your Stories too.
  • Doing a fast survey is possible with Stories. You can easily design a poll and ask followers and others to rate the degree of their satisfaction with a specific product.
  • Repurposing is also possible very well with Stories. For example, when you send a video as a regular post on your Instagram page and it receives too many likes, comments, and shares,

Create Original Content

You don’t like to just copy and paste the content of others on your page. It shows you don’t take your business very important and want to misuse others' accomplishments. Show your commitment by generating original content. After a while, you will have the authority in that specific field. Even when you don’t have time to do it, don’t copy anything. Hire someone and pay him/her every time he/she does a project so that your content looks professional.


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Work With Influencers

Influencers can act as the booster of your business thanks to their fame and popularity. You can approach them very politely and ask them to promote you and your business. You can offer them money or something in return. For example, you can promise him/her to write a hundred articles. Or, you can make short videos. People usually listen to influencers and join you to check out. However, be careful! There are lots of fake influencers with thousands of fake followers.

Exploit All The Options You Have

Instagram provides you with an amazing array of features. You can benefit from them all if you know how to use them. Live and Stories are two of the most popular ones and make you closer to people who don’t know you and are about to become your follower.




the number of followers matters a lot for businesses because of its great potential in their chores. More followers mean more successful branding, advertising, and selling. In this short article, we first talked about the importance of followers in Instagram businesses and then showed you some tips and tricks to get more followers naturally. Of course, it takes time! So, just keep pushing forward and don’t get disappointed. Also, never think about buying followers as it is not worth the troubles associated with it. Take care.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the Top Ways To Increase Instagram Followers. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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