The Best Blogs About Blogging

The Best Blogs About Blogging

The Best Blogs About Blogging

The Best Blogs About Blogging

The mainstay of content marketing is now blogging. There are blogs for almost every conceivable topic. Still, when I recently searched Google for the “best blogs about blogging,” I was dismayed to discover that the top results were littered with abandoned websites.

I decided to compile a current list of the top blogging websites in 2022 because Blogging Guide has grown into a significant resource for bloggers and digital marketers.


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All of these websites are ones that I personally use and recommend to Blogging Guide subscribers to stay current on trends in digital publishing, marketing, blogging, and eCommerce.

Each blog on this list has a post specifically about blogging or focuses on a subject pertinent to blogging (digital marketing, freelance writing, website design, digital publishing, etc.). These blogs range in size from huge content marketing blogs affiliated with a SaaS product (HubSpot) to small blogs run by a single writer that provides blogging advice.


Buffer is an online and mobile application that allows users to plan posts on social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. It also allows users to track their results and interact with their community.

One of the few tech businesses founded on the idea of radical transparency is Buffer. They do this by running both a business blog and a marketing blog. Both are jam-packed with great information and are required reading for anyone attempting to succeed as a blogger or build a following online.


Copyblogger has been educating individuals on how to produce top-notch internet content since 2006. Copyblogger began as a straightforward one-man blog. It grew into a highly lucrative business with 8 figures in yearly sales because of the helpful material, clever copywriting, and top-notch goods and services.

They also offer a blog that is helpful and covers a variety of writing and marketing-related topics. True to its name, Copyblogger has a clean, minimalist website design and a wealth of well-written material.

Institute For Content Marketing

As the “leading global content marketing education and training organization, teaching corporate businesses how to attract and keep customers through captivating, multichannel storytelling,” the Content Marketing Institute describes itself.


The CRM platform from HubSpot provides all the features and connectors you require for content management, sales, marketing, and customer care. One of the largest collections of blog entries describing marketing and sales details can be found on HubSpot.

Marketing Insider Group

The content marketing strategy and content development services offered by Marketing Insider Group assist you in developing a business case, specifying what needs to be done, and delivering digital platforms that generate a quantifiable return on your marketing investment. Additionally, they offer a fantastic content marketing blog with many interesting pieces.


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Blogging Guide

An online writing community called Blogging Guide exists. Our articles are written to assist beginner bloggers in making money from their online blogging. Additionally, we offer comprehensive coverage of all digital publishing platforms to assist authors and marketers in staying up to date.


You can stay focused, complete projects on schedule, and please your team with the support of CoSchedule's range of agile marketing solutions. They are most likely familiar to you through their well-known free headline analyzer. CoSchedule also offers a fantastic marketing blog full of high-quality and in-depth pieces.

Upland Software

The leading provider of cloud-based technologies for digital transformation is Upland Software. The Upland Cloud gives millions of businesses the ability to automate crucial document workflows, manage projects and IT budgets, communicate with customers on important digital channels, and improve sales force effectiveness. They also offer an excellent blog with tons of studies, whitepapers, and articles.


A company called Oberlo makes it simple to find great goods to sell online. With Oberlo, you may quickly and easily access a vast selection of various products. Oberlo makes it simple to find products from suppliers worldwide and instantly add them to your online store, whether you're looking for fashion, electronics, toys, beauty products, or the next big thing. Additionally, they offer a beneficial blog with numerous in-depth case studies and articles.


Three essential components are needed for effective content marketing: an audience-pleasing content strategy, an efficient content marketing platform, and compelling storytellers. To assist organizations in producing high-performing content that raises awareness and produces leads, Contently offers all three. They also have multiple blogs concentrating on strategy, digital transformation, storytelling, and freelancing.



In 2004, Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig founded Moz. It was first known as SEOmoz and began as a blog and online community where some of the first SEO specialists around the globe disseminated their findings and concepts.

They introduced some of the first SEO tools, the Beginner's Guide to SEO, and their initial study on Search Ranking Factors. In essence, only a select few are as knowledgeable about SEO as Moz. Unsurprisingly, Moz has a fantastic blog that features posts on SEO and internet marketing from various subject-matter experts.

Heidi Cohen

You may get marketing insights on social media, content marketing, and mobile, as well as the constantly growing world of linked devices and the Internet of Things, from Heidi Cohen's Actionable Marketing Guide.

Each article in the Actionable Marketing Guide offers insightful analysis and doable advice and strategies that you can immediately use in your ongoing marketing and business strategies.


InspireFirst was started in 2018, by Chris Craft to instruct you in the craft and methodology of effective writing. Our mission is to make you a more prosperous and productive writer. A fantastic blog from InspireFirst offers advice on blogging and writing, content marketing, productivity, keyword research, email marketing, and much more.


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A time-saving tool for freelancers, solopreneurs, and business owners is AND.CO, a business management platform. They also have a fantastic blog targeted at independent contractors and digital nomads.


In 2015, Snappa was established because its creators saw how difficult it was for many small businesses to produce high-quality web graphics. Thousands of marketers, business owners, and non-designers use Snappa today to make various graphics for social media, display ads, blog posts, and more.

Business blogging has emerged as a key component of an effective marketing plan despite all the changes in inbound marketing over the past few years. You already know you need to blog. Whether you find it simple and enjoyable or a challenging reality of being a marketer, any helpful advice you can receive to simplify that task is unquestionably appreciated.

Basics Of Blogging

As the name implies, this website is ideal for you if you're new to blogging. You may learn anything on this website, from legally using logos on your blog to turning your blog posts into other kinds of material. In 2012, we hoped that this website would start to update more frequently!

Maintain Your Blogging

This website is the place for you if you're an avid blogger looking to squeeze every last bit of ROI out of your blog. Here, you'll find advice and knowledge that goes beyond the fundamentals, such as information on comment spam, linking your blog to other social media sites, and using data and analytics in your blog entries.



The articles on ProBlogger are all about making money from your blogging endeavors. The articles are in-depth, well-reasoned, and frequently either debate newly published thought leadership information or contain guest pieces from other industry heavyweights. The blog is fantastic for both newcomers and seasoned professionals.

Blogs For Blogs

What better place to get blogging tips than from other bloggers? To improve every part of your blog, get data from the front lines on this website.

Blog Advice

This website offers blogging advice, just as it sounds! The website is useful since it recognizes the issues that bloggers face daily and offers solutions and tools to make blogging simpler.


With a slogan like “Blogging for the Mind,” you can be sure that Blogussion's staff is producing some intellectual stuff. This website is appropriate for users who are more experienced and want to learn more complex blogging techniques.

Regular Blog Tips

This website will give you advice on SEO, blog marketing, writing techniques, and best practices for web design if you're trying to figure out how to make money from your blog.

Enhance Your Blog

Even though these people specialize in all kinds of blog recommendations, they have some quite helpful advice on how to improve the aesthetics of your site.

The Blog Herald

Where can bloggers find the latest information on the blogging industry? The Blog Herald will guarantee that you are up to date on all the most recent news and releases that bloggers need to be aware of in order to stay relevant in their field.

Travels Of Adam

Travels Of Adam

Adam is a gay blogger who enjoys writing about his travel experiences. For homosexual men who desire to go to various locations around the world, many of them are helpful. He writes on various subjects in addition to travelling, such as festivals, art, movies, music, and books.

The major topics covered are travel, gay life, languages, festivals, literature, movies, music, fashion, op-eds, technology, and art.

Developed Using: The Bootstrap (WordPress theme)

Helen In Wonderlust

Helen is an explorer and travel writer. She does yoga professionally. Despite her many travels, Africa appears to be her preferred continent and the subject of most of her writing. Rock My Adventure is a tour company that Helen also owns.

Major topics include travel and travel advice.

Using: 15Zine Child (WordPress theme)

Hand Luggage Only

Yaya and Lloyd, a UK couple, founded Hand Luggage Only in 2014 when they were undergraduates at the University of Cambridge. They already had a lot of experience writing about their travels individually, so they made the decision to collaborate and create a fantastic blog about their journeys.

principal subjects: photography, travel, cuisine, and life hacks

Made of: Applique (WordPress theme)

Wolf's Gaming Blog

Gamer Baden Ronnie, born in Scotland, offers his thoughts on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and VR titles. He pledges to write frank assessments without any “PR bulls**t.” Since he began playing video games at the age of seven, Ronnie now uses his knowledge to advise others on what games to play.

What's Eric Playing

Eric is a board game enthusiast and a software developer, and board games are the major topic of his blog. He primarily reviews board games and shares his thoughts on the games he covers using the BGG rating system.

Consult Dave Taylor

This is your “tech guy,” Dave Taylor. He is the one to contact whenever you experience a problem with your tech tools (hardware or software). Dave launched the website, but it now includes a whole crew. The blog area mostly focuses on delivering valuable pieces of advice for frequent tech challenges.

Travels Of Adam


TechCrack is a website dedicated to all things tech, including gadgets, apps, games, business, news, and more. It was founded and is run by Romit Sharma. For electronics enthusiasts, there is even an enticing how-to section with helpful tips. Since launching the TechCrack blog in 2012, Romit has been an active blogger.


Actually, Eartheasy is an online store that offers a variety of gardening supplies. But it also has a great blog area where you can read more about the most recent developments in gardening. Greg Seaman started the website, which is now run by a group of industry experts, with the single purpose of enhancing quality of life through practical guidance and eco-friendly products.

Eliminating Waste

A proponent of a plastic-free and sustainable living, Kathryn Kellogg founded the eco-friendly blog Going Zero Waste. She writes a blog about zero waste, and if you want to get involved in this movement, her website is a great place to start. A book titled 101 Ways to Go Zero Waste is also available on the website.


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My Plastic-Free Life

After learning more about the horrible effects of plastic waste, Beth Terry created her blog. She promotes plastic-free living and offers helpful advice on how to lessen our reliance on plastic. The blog also emphasizes numerous environmentally friendly services, including dining establishments, green businesses, and more.

Tree Hugger

The best blog for an eco-friendly living is Tree Hugger. It provides tips and motivation for living a sustainable and green lifestyle. Since its launch in 2004, the website has amassed more than 20,000 articles on the subject from more than 100 specialists in the field.

The Gottman Institute

John and Julie Gottman, a married pair with over 40 years of combined research expertise and a successful marriage, created the Gottman Institute. The Gottman Institute is the best blog for those looking for relationship guidance. There is a blog part on the website where you can learn more about dating, parenting, and other topics.

Created With Love

The creators of Created With Love, Tyler and Michelle, are a married couple. Every relationship has its ups and downs, so the pair established a blog in 2014 to share their story and offer advice.

Love In 90 Days

On her website Love in 90 Days, Dr. Diana Kirschner gives insightful love guidance. She has aided countless couples in discovering and establishing wonderful romantic connections. The website offers a free masterclass, coaching sessions with Dr. Kirscher, and a helpful blog with dating advice for women, soulmate-hunting guidance, and dating hints.

Love And Life Toolbox

The best blog/resource for anyone looking for sound advice on relationships and mental health is Love and Life Toolbox. Marriage and family therapist Lisa Brookes Kift developed the website. Lisa has a wealth of MFT experience and has written for outlets like CNN, Men's Health, Shape, and Huffington Post.

Teach Thought

Teach Thought publishes articles with a K–12 education innovation focus. This blog contains helpful tips for teachers who are interested in developing and improving their skills. The site was started in 2012 by Terry Heick, a writer and former teacher who is passionate about changing K–12 education.


Leslie started the blog Teach Junkie and is its primary author. She does, however, permit content writers, therefore her blog is actually a community of teachers looking to advance and discover fresh methods. The blog is divided into categories for grades and subjects including science, math, languages, and art.



In reality, Corporette is a fashion and lifestyle site, but it focuses on female professionals that follow corporate career paths, such bankers, attorneys, and consultants. Kat Griffin, a qualified litigator for a Wall Street law company, launched the website in 2008.

Penelope Trunk

Penelope Trunk is a writer and the founder of four start-ups. In her spare time, she writes about recommendations for pursuing a profession and her own experiences working for each organization she has previously worked for. Trunk also specializes in op-ed and educational writing.


The creative group that makes up Cassity's family doesn't leave any part of their home untouched. She offers many do-it-yourself tasks that can be used to improve your home and add style and comfort.

Collective Gen

Geneva Vanderzeil, the blog's owner and editor in chief, started Collective Gen in 2008. She is a writer who shares her ideas about style, travel, home, and life. She is also a photographer, maker, stylist, and, above all, an author. The blog also offers a ton of DIY projects for crafty people!

Addicted 2 DIY

The name says it all! A blog devoted to DIY projects of all kinds is called Addicted 2 DIY. Ex-paramedic and firefighter Katie chose to share her do-it-yourself work with the world while working on a tight budget. Her spouse and children now assist her with a variety of household projects as well. In addition to writing helpful posts, Katie also publishes printable blueprints and reviews a variety of resources.

Vintage Revivals

Mandi, a visionary with many innovative ideas to share, started Vintage Revivals. Her entire home is one enormous, creative, and lovely playground since she concentrates on filling entire spaces with DIY items.

Joe McNally Blog

One of the most famous photographers is Joe McNally. This multi-awarded artist is frequently regarded as the best of his generation and has performed in more than 70 nations. Additionally, he has collaborated with a variety of well-known businesses, including ESPN, Adidas, Sony, and more. The majority of the content on his blog is made up of images and anecdotes from his job. Among the many topics McNally covers are fashion, portraits, sports, dancing, healthcare, and industrial.


A large number of photographers contribute to the well-known photography website 1x. A fantastic blog section that focuses on anything industry-related is what sets it apart from the competition. You may read articles on different photographers, methods, and competitions.

Light Stalking

The website Light Stalking is dedicated to photography. Wefollow, Klout, and Feedspot have named it one of the top 10 photography blogs. Rob Wood, the blog's founder and current main editor, assembled a group of skilled writers and photographers to produce original content for readers to enjoy.

The Phoblographer

The Phoblographer

The Phoblographer is the finest photography blog with all the information both beginners and experts need to know. The website offers informative information, inspiring evaluations of gear, and more. Chris Gampat, a skilled photographer who has experience working as a paparazzi, photojournalist, portrait, and wedding photographer, founded it.

Jon Loomer

Before being fired in 2011, Loomer founded 11 days beforehand. He had no idea that he was creating one of the most popular social media marketing blogs in the world at the time he started it. His website concentrates on educating experienced Facebook marketers and providing several how-to guides for SMM campaign success.


In order to assist people and businesses in enhancing their social media presence, Awario was founded in 2015. Awario is essentially a solution that helps thousands of customers realize their SMM and analytics-related goals. Market research, marketing, competitive analysis, and social media marketing are just a few of the many topics covered in the blog area.


Do you know of a great blog or website about blogging that others ought to read? Comment about it so we can check it out!

You likely have a wide variety of blogs and websites in your RSS feed, some of which may occasionally discuss blogging. However, there are many excellent blogs that limit their content to discussions about, well, blogging. And these bloggers excel at what they do.

So which blogs ought you to read? There are undoubtedly more blogging blogs (that's a mouthful) available, but we felt it was vital to select a manageable selection of websites for you to reference; some of which you may be familiar with and others of which are perhaps hidden gems that will help you kick some blogging butt.

I trust you enjoyed this article about The Best Blogs About Blogging. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come?

Take care!




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