Jobs That Make You A Lot Of Money

Jobs That Make You A Lot Of Money

Jobs That Make You A Lot Of Money

Jobs That Make You A Lot Of Money

Many professionals consider their potential earnings when choosing a career path. There are many roles and industries in which you may be able to earn a high salary in addition to commissions, bonuses and investments that increase your earning potential. You can find millionaire potential jobs in nearly any industry or location.

These positions typically do not pay million-dollar salaries. Instead, successful professionals in these high-paying jobs–with careful planning and saving–have the potential to become millionaires, over time.

There’s no such thing as a perfect, stress-free job; every occupation, role, and career path will require dealing with some amount of on-the-job stress. But there are definitely some jobs that tend to be less stressful than others. And the good news? Just because a job offers a low level of stress doesn’t mean it delivers a small paycheck. There are a variety of low-stress jobs that pay a lot—and can help you establish a thriving, lucrative career.


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Before we jump into a few of the lower-stress careers that pay well, let’s quickly cover how we’re defining those terms—and how to best make sense of the data.

Let’s start with stress. We’re defining “low stress” as an occupation that scores an 80 or below on O*NET's stress tolerance ratings, which measure the extent to which “accepting criticism and dealing calmly and effectively with high-stress situations” is part of the job—and most of the jobs on this list even score below 70.

All of these jobs make a lot of money, bringing in over $70,000 a year—for reference, the median household income in the United States was $67,521 in 2020, the most recent year with available data.

Of course, it’s also important to consider what would make a better-paying job low-stress for you. “For example, one person may prefer and thrive with a high level of ambiguity in their work, while another might find lack of clear direction stressful,” says Nicolle Merrill, future of work expert and author of Punch Doubt in the Face: How to Upskill, Change Careers, and Beat the Robots.

Your work environment also plays a role in how stressed you feel at work. “Working in a large organization like a Fortune 500 company offers a different experience compared to working in a nonprofit, startup, small business, or university setting,” Merrill says.

Even if you pick a decent-paying job that is generally low stress, if you hold that role in a stressful environment, chances are, your day-to-day experience will be stressful, too. “For example, startups are fast-paced. Often your tasks will go beyond the scope of your actual job.

You will wear many hats,” says Merrill. “So a software developer working at a startup will work at a more intense pace than one working in a university setting. Even though a software developer is considered a low-stress, high-paying job, the organizational context matters.”

Talking to people who work in the role and industry you’re considering will help you get a better idea of what the day-to-day experience of the job is really like—which can help you make a more informed decision about whether that role is the right fit for you.



As a certified public accountant (CPA) you can earn up to $450,000 annually. An accounting career may take you into a variety of different fields, including auditing, corporate and personal tax accounting, and managing a CPA firm. Accountants are usually best suited to working for multi-national businesses. You must have a high-level degree of mathematical and analytical ability, as well as a thorough knowledge of accounting principles and laws.

Perhaps the most common job in America, accounting is in demand because it is an important skill for businesses of all sizes. However, professional accountants with an advanced degree or experience in a specialized area may be able to earn high salaries and receive high pay rises as their clients grow.

Senior Financial Analyst

Senior Financial Analyst

Senior financial analysts have an advantage in that their skills and experience often help them find well-paying jobs right out of college. A career as a financial analyst can provide you with a rewarding future, as well as future financial independence.

A senior financial analyst is a financial professional with more experience than most positions require. You will have more work experience and a proven track record than the average new graduate, as well as a lot of self-confidence and experience. Financial analysts earn $130,000 to $180,000 a year and work for investment firms and government agencies.

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager

If you want to spend most of your career working for others, a career in human resources is a good option. Human resources managers lead departments within businesses and handle employee grievances, training and budgeting. They also set employee morale and work to increase employee satisfaction and loyalty to the business. Human resources managers earn a salary between $50,000 and $65,000.

Business Executive

Business Executive

If you are already involved in the day-to-day running of a business, then an executive role in the company may be a good match for you. Depending on the size of the company, you could become a Vice President, Managing Director, President, COO, Executive Vice President or perhaps the highest-ranking position: CEO.

Once you have attained this position, your salary will be determined by the size and growth of your organization and the level of responsibility within the organization. But business executives tend to be very high-earning professionals with some of the best hours and most flexible job descriptions.


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This career can easily lead to high earnings for many people, especially if they are also well-versed in sales and marketing. Business executives typically have diverse responsibilities, such as managing and developing sales and marketing efforts, developing business plans and building high-performing teams. Many have also created lucrative side businesses or entrepreneurial ventures that require additional investment and can provide opportunities to earn additional income.

Executives in this field typically earn between $200,000 and $350,000 a year, and many other professionals can also achieve a high level of success. However, the top one percent of business executives earn an average of over $2 million per year. This money is not just from salary and bonuses.

Computer System And IT Manager

Computer System And IT Manager

With a salary range of $100,000 to $150,000, computer system and IT managers do not typically make six-figure incomes, but if you focus on sales and client relations, you could have a lucrative and rewarding career. If you enjoy the work and find yourself getting satisfaction from being the go-to person in your company, you may be a strong candidate for a career as a computer system and IT manager.

Successful computer systems and IT managers earn a median of about $142,000 per year. You can earn this amount in an office, at a shopping mall, or from travelling the world as an expert in your field. The work of a system and IT manager is often difficult and complex, and it often requires heavy and ongoing computer expertise.

Content Writer/Editor

Content Writer/Editor

While many careers require specialized education and/or a college degree, many people can have successful careers in the world of publishing, as content writers and editors. You do not need any training in writing or journalism to find a successful writing and editing job. In fact, many articles, letters, blogs and press releases can be written with minimal training.

Writer/editors of copy for magazines, newspapers and online publications bring in high monthly income and opportunities for substantial growth in income. They typically earn between $40,000 and $50,000 annually, though some make much more. If you write well and are detail-oriented, you can make this a more lucrative career choice than it appears at first glance.

Account Manager

Account Manager

Often referred to as a “business development person,” a business manager oversees the day-to-day operations of a company. They work with sales teams and oversee a company's product sales, marketing and public relations. Account managers earn a moderate salary ranging from $30,000 to $40,000 annually and can earn significant bonuses as the company's business improves.


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Account managers handle and gain insight into customers’ requests and frequently make product recommendations. They develop pricing strategies and decide what products to offer. Account managers are responsible for managing and nurturing their client relationships and obtaining the best results. They are usually located in a company’s corporate headquarters and may work in several different areas of the company’s business or service.

Location: Large companies that are located in urban areas usually have account managers. Middle-market companies that have a wide range of products or services usually employ account managers who are well-versed in a particular area, such as product development.



Software Engineer: Technology companies tend to pay well. If you're qualified, it's possible to make six figures with a computer science or technical degree. For example, Red Hat pays its engineers more than $100,000. An MBA in Computer Science is often a helpful resume tool for the software engineering industry. If you'd like to pursue a high-paying career path, it's critical to begin your career in the field and gain experience in a major company.

Engineers can earn a high salary with positions in programming, product and process management, and management and administration. Most engineering positions require at least a bachelor’s degree in a STEM field. However, there are also plenty of high-paying jobs in industries like healthcare and real estate, where you may be able to start at a lower salary but scale up quickly.



The largest health care professions, including health professionals, dentists, podiatrists and optometrists, may earn more than $300,000 per year, on average, according to an online survey of 6,000 family physicians published by Transamerica Center for Health Studies. Some of the highest-paid are chiropractors, with an average of $269,853 in yearly income, and nurses, with an average of $169,930. Other top-paying careers in health care are radiation therapists ($184,558), physical therapist assistants ($163,831) and psychologists ($148,831).

A chiropractor is a licensed medical doctor who specializes in treating problems related to the spine and surrounding musculature. If you’re interested in becoming a chiropractor, a career in this field may provide you with an extremely rewarding career that earns you millions of dollars over the course of your career. There are many different types of jobs for chiropractors, ranging from full-time and part-time positions to those that have you travel for a couple of days a week.


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Clinical Psychologist

The occupation of a clinical psychologist is projected to grow rapidly. Clinical psychologists may work at a variety of professional schools, research centers, or hospitals. This can translate into a career path of steady, high-paying work. One job expected to grow quickly is a geriatric clinical social worker.

This job position involves working with older adults, helping them to develop a social network and monitoring changes in their mental health status. Depending on the type of practice, the work may require the person to focus on day-to-day activities, researching new treatment or medical practices or on raising funds.

You’ll work in a private office and conduct psychological examinations, give psychological counselling, lead group therapy sessions, help with the writing of psychological reports and more. For example, if you were to earn $30,000 annually, with 30 years of experience, you could reach the maximum income potential of $1,000,000!

You’ll need to be good with people, have a strong work ethic and be detail-oriented. If you’re looking for a position that pays an income potential of $130,000 a year, with 15 years of experience, you could be making $700,000 by retiring at the age of 65.

Construction Manager

Construction Manager

A construction manager typically works in a high-stress, high-pressure job that requires great focus. The job involves several important responsibilities, such as writing, analyzing and evaluating information and crafting a coherent and well-organized plan for a construction project.

The construction manager helps manage multiple projects at once. This highly successful job typically offers big-time pay and even greater wealth potential because construction professionals can earn a big salary in addition to generous bonuses, commissions and bonuses, which often add up to millions of dollars. The construction manager can earn millions of dollars because the field is very competitive and competitive salaries are offered to the best.

The top construction manager position pays $110,000 per year. While most construction managers receive substantial salary increases when they move into new, higher-level positions within a construction company, they are often more than willing to help you get on the career track.

As a first-time project manager, you may be able to earn up to $10,000 per month. This job requires you to be proficient in project management and be good at working with a diverse group of people. While you will likely need a special license or certification to be considered for this role, it does not require any heavy lifting or physical strength.



If you love science but aren’t sure if a career as a scientist is right for you, take a look at a job in geophysics. Geophysicists, who work with seismic data like that obtained from underground drilling and seismic surveys, work with other scientists, geologists and engineers to accurately interpret seismic wave and explosion data and conduct research on how the data relates to the environment and natural occurrences.

As a geophysicist, you’ll be working in a relatively new field that is ever-expanding, providing many opportunities for the future. The median income for a geophysicist with a bachelor’s degree is $116,915 per year and climbing, and the income is estimated to increase to $167,000 with a master's degree.

A geophysicist has a lot of potential to earn a very high income. This is a highly desirable position for scientists, engineers and mathematicians because it is extremely challenging and well-paid. Research geophysicists have unique and exciting research and mathematical opportunities in oil and natural gas drilling and deep-water exploration. Your field of study and training plays a crucial role in finding the best drilling locations. You will work closely with exploration companies, helping them find the best drilling spots for their purposes.

Instructional Designer

Instructional Designer

Individuals working in the field of education are on the road to making a million dollars. In fact, around 3 percent of all American educators earn a six-figure income. Teaching jobs in many states pay an average salary of $58,000. But the highest-paid are those teaching in the field of special education. Teacher salaries can average more than $100,000. Additionally, most teaching positions require only a bachelor’s degree.

These positions require high amounts of specialized training. According to a US News article, an instructional designer “designs instructional materials for classroom teachers. They also conduct research and write the curriculum, which is then disseminated through teachers’ professional organizations and on the Web.” Instructional designers can earn between $85,000 and $110,000 per year, depending on where they live and their experience level.

Senior Web Designer

Senior Web Designer

A successful web designer who creates websites for both individuals and businesses can earn a high salary. Often, it is the combination of large projects that earn you the top dollar. Expect to make $60,000 or more per year in these fields.

Web designers and developers can earn a lucrative income as long as they develop an established client base. There is a tremendous demand for individuals with specific skills in this highly specialized industry. Web developers and designers are expected to use web-building software to make a site look professional and work at a lightning-fast speed.

You can become a successful web developer and designer by working part-time or on the side. Many individuals find that making a little bit of extra money is the best way to start on the path to financial freedom. You will also be able to improve your resume and business networking skills, so it is a win-win for all.

Entertainment Professional

Entertainment Professional

Professional actors, actresses and other creative individuals may be in high demand. You’ll need to have the ability to entertain and interact with your audience. These performers often perform for charitable events, do stage and corporate videos, or entertain at weddings and special events. Once you achieve success in this field, there’s plenty of room to grow. You can build your income by acting in additional stage shows, taking on different voiceover projects or, if you are an experienced actor, taking on more challenging parts in projects that earn you more money.

Hollywood is one of the most prestigious industries in the world. If you are looking for a job that makes you millions of dollars, you can make millions as an actor, a singer or a reality TV star.

Fashion Designer

Fashion Designer

There are few industries that have as much potential to make money as the fashion industry. There are many opportunities to make money as a fashion designer, but you must be very talented. A fashion designer with the talent and experience to create a bestselling line or hit a fashion trend can make a lot of money.


Many wealthy people begin as entrepreneurs, but there are opportunities to become successful as business owners, if that’s your calling. If that is your goal, you may want to find a high-paying job that allows you to invest your time, energy and passion in a way that allows you to enjoy a high level of success.

Being financially secure is a goal of every successful and financially secure professional. To achieve financial security, it is critical to develop and follow a sound financial plan. As a result of analyzing some of the most successful professionals around the world, we’ve compiled a list of jobs that can help you reach millionaire potential.

Balancing all of these factors is difficult. However, if you are committed to earning money on the side while also maintaining your standard of living, you should have no problem realizing your dreams.

I trust you enjoyed this article on the Jobs That Make You A Lot Of Money. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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