How To Make Your Content Go Viral

How To Make Your Content Go Viral

How To Make Your Content Go Viral

How To Make Your Content Go Viral

If you've ever tried to create viral content, you know that this is no easy task. You can make excellent content, write passionately about what you love, work hard to promote it—and still not get the number of shares you were hoping for.

Rather than give up on getting your message heard, why not try implementing some tried-and-true internet marketing methods used by the masters on creating irresistibly shareable content? While there's no foolproof formula for getting one million-plus share, specific techniques will almost always produce better results than simply sharing your posts.

Advantages Of Content Getting Viral

The most apparent advantage is generating significant sales, products or even revenue from each share. Below, we'll discuss the other benefits of viral content that you probably didn't think of. Content that people learn from helps them expand their knowledge and, in turn, helps their understanding of the world.

The more people who understand something, the more likely they are to share the information. For example, if your business specializes in something, you can build buzz around your content by offering free tutorials. Remember, however, that just because you post a tutorial doesn't mean it will succeed. Not only does this type of content help you stand out from your competition, but it also can help drive traffic to your site and generate leads.


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Here are the top advantages of content going viral: It's simple. Viral content doesn't need a big, flashy video or extravagant background music. It's simple—and that's precisely what makes it incredibly compelling. Viral content also isn't overly complicated. When you first create it, you're not focused on trying to create something extremely professional.

You're focused on getting your message out to your audience. This allows you to create content that makes your audience feel comfortable and at ease. By doing so, they'll feel comfortable being more open and willing to share with their friends and colleagues.

First and foremost, content that goes viral can and will drive traffic to your site. The more shares your content gets, the better the chance that someone who has never heard of you will discover you and your products. If they enjoy your post, you'll get more customers and sales in the future. But not all traffic to your site is created equal.

Facebook or Twitter will give you a ton of traffic. But they're not your only option. Another excellent method of getting traffic is searching for your keywords via Google or Bing. This can result in a decent number of customers. More Shares Means More Conversions. It can be challenging for bloggers and writers to get people to share their content on social media. The main reason? It's not good quality content that gets people sharing.

It's because it's excellent. After all, most people don't read (let alone publish) great content. So, the content that they do share is probably the best in the world. If they share it, it's because it's a great piece of content. When you create shareable content, you create a little community. It's your little community. But this community isn't a set of people who agree with everything you say. They're just people who share your content. Because they share your content, your content will get shared.

Find A Great Hook

Find A Great Hook

Every content you share needs an enticing headline or tagline that speaks to the audience's needs or starts the conversation. First and foremost, you need to find something people can connect with. Something they want to learn more about.

Something that they'll need. It could be something as simple as writing about an inspirational person you know or something more complex like an article about how you beat a sales slump—no matter what your hook is, find a way to hook them with it.

People love to feel like they're in the know and have an opportunity to do something, anything, that could change their lives for the better. It doesn't even have to be a big thing. It just has to resonate with the audience.


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The first step in generating viral content is identifying a good hook that will hold your readers' attention and encourage them to share your content. When done well, the hook will have the audience thinking about your topic long after reading the post. It will either encourage them to share your post themselves or compel them to share it with friends who might be interested.

Make sure to write about something you're passionate about (and you are passionate about) but also something that will have a broad appeal for your target audience. When you talk about something truly about your target audience, you will get more shares than about some unrelated topic.

For example, if you are trying to get the attention of men who are also dog owners and are interested in this specific product, don't write about why you think they might be interested. Instead, write about how dog food can help men on the go and what benefits it has for their dogs. Once you've written about something you're passionate about, you'll be able to write about anything and still get views.

Create Content Worth Sharing

Create Content Worth Sharing

Content worth sharing will always produce more views and comments than content that gives the reader a valuable takeaway. Here are quick tips for creating more valuable content. Discover new angles to share. Be sure to learn new ways to produce content with your target audience begging you to share it. Learn new tactics, strategies, and trends to share with your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Using these strategies, you'll be able to create more engaging content that your readers will want to share with others on social media. Write in a conversational tone. There's a reason why hundreds of thousands of bloggers have embraced a conversational tone in their content: it works!

While it's true that you need to create content people are passionate about to drive traffic to it, you also have to create content that people are interested in sharing with others. When creating content for shared consumption, make it informative, high-quality, and timely. This ensures your readers will share it with their social circles, leading to shares.

To be shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, your content has to be of value to the people you want to reach. If you aren't the best in your industry, you need to work on getting better. While earning 10+ likes on your video may seem like a great thing, it's not a good representation of the quality of the video. Instead of creating posts that get 10,000-plus shares, focus on making the most popular post in your niche, then continue to get better.

How to make your content worth sharing is all about having a purpose and a unique angle to present your content in a way that engages your audience and drives them to share it. If you don't have a point of view, how can you expect to build your brand? Content isn't everything when it comes to creating something worth sharing. If you're trying to create shareable content, your audience's primary focus should always be what makes it worthwhile.

Many of the best brands create content that educates, entertains, or makes them laugh. If you don't focus on making your content valuable, you'll never be able to compete with content created by brands that consistently create content that people want to share and create buzz. Create shareable content on topics that are up-to-date and relevant to your audience. Having an audience isn't enough. You have to connect with them. If you spend your entire time speaking to your ideal customers, you'll miss out on valuable opportunities to connect with a larger audience.

Use Sleek Visuals To Increase Audience Engagement

Use Sleek Visuals To Increase Audience Engagement

The more intriguing a piece of content is, the more likely it will get shared. As a blogger, your goal is to get your readers to click and engage with your content—whether that means sharing it, commenting on it, or sharing your post with their friends. If you don't have any enticing visual elements to make your message pop, it's likely your readers will view your post and forget all about it.

When marketing through photography, you want to use photos that pull your reader in while still telling the story behind your content. A post with tons of vivid images will generate far more shares than a dull, photo-heavy post.  If you can't include as many visuals as you'd like, consider using video. Use photos to illustrate critical elements of your story. Images are usually much better at inspiring online conversations than plain text, so try including them at the start of your content.

Visuals and other images will grab attention and make it more likely that your audience will share your post. Specific techniques work like a charm to get the right people to share and engage with your content. The first step is simple: use visuals. Studies show that images get 50% more engagement than other types of content.


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Create some eye-catching imagery and gorgeous layouts to attract attention. It's worth a thousand words. This strategy works best for highly long, creative pieces. A well-designed graphic image will increase engagement and help your message stand out. As interesting as your content is, your users won't stay on the page for long if they have to scroll to get to your valuable information.

Moreover, because your graphic image stands out from the rest of the page, engaged readers will be more likely to want to share it, which will bring your piece up in their social media stream. This is a fact: Most of us don't have the time or patience to scroll down a long, rambling blog post to reach the end.

Instead, we have a brief attention span, which images and illustrations can easily circumvent. Images are an easy way to tell your audience a story, so they'll probably be motivated to share your content because they know the story you're telling.

Create Interactive And Personalized Content

Create Interactive And Personalized Content

You probably know how to create compelling captions and cover photos that grab the attention of the media. However, have you ever thought about creating interactive and personalized content? This involves creating something that the reader can take part in by choosing which images to use, how to use them, and sharing with their own social media circles.

This can be as simple as answering questions about a particular piece of content. Still, it can also include offering something extra (like a different giveaway) for the person who asks the most questions. Encourage sharing with custom images and videos. If your followers are on social media sites like Twitter or Instagram, they're probably already using pictures to share their content.

One of the most effective ways to generate more shares is to create content that encourages interaction from your audience. Over 70% of people who come to your website want to somehow interact with your brand or product. If you're going to see your content go viral, you must pay attention to engagement.

When someone posts a comment or tweet about your brand or product, this is usually met with more engagement than your usual posts. What's more, when someone engages with your brand or product, they'll be much more likely to share your content. So how do you create viral content that encourages interaction with your audience? To create interactive and personalized content, you need to know your audience, understand what makes them tick, and use this to your advantage.

As our digital assistants, Alexa and Siri, have proven, consumers respond better to interactive and personalized content. They're less likely to share a sales pitch from a stranger but much more likely to share an infographic or news article from a local friend.

You don't have to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Even when you're sharing an informative article on social media, find ways to tie it in with your expertise and persona. If it's a helpful article, they'll likely find a way to be drawn into it.

Produce Well-Researched Long-Form Content

Produce Well-Researched Long-Form Content

While internet marketing is all about creating shareable content in the short term, there's no need to skip out on quality content production. Longform content is long, but it's essential to consider its total value. People tend to engage in the process of reading a piece of content over and over—long-form content is an excellent opportunity to hone your message and make it shine.

Long-form content can also help drive traffic to your website—since it's longer than one-click sharing, people can be engaged and take the time to explore your site. Our brains are trained to linger on information and memorize it by the sheer volume of data we're exposed to daily. So, the most effective content wins when it's long, well-researched, and offers thought-provoking information that will keep your audience engaged.

Give your readers background and insight into your subjects and topics. This will make them feel like you've taken the time to get to know them. Give people something they can use in their own lives. According to a study on self-assessment, the best blog posts will help readers solve a problem or improve their situation. Most people read more than one page of content, and therefore more than one URL, before deciding whether or not they like something.


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Long-form content often referred to as a long read, provides a lot more bang for your buck than a tweet or status update, especially if you're going to work it into your email marketing list. Longreads are often deeply researched and truly insightful.

They can be long and difficult to digest but also attract people who want to know what you've discovered. Longreads typically have higher production values, too. Use severe language and establish a unique voice with them. Be sure to write your words in a manner that people won't quickly skim over.

Know Your Audience

Know Your Audience

This seems obvious, but it's sometimes hard to realize that what you love might not be something the audience is looking for. As most marketing experts will tell you, it's all about getting in front of the right audience at the right time. When you write content that speaks directly to your followers, they are likely to share it with their social media audience. Before creating any content, you need to handle your audience and what content they are interested in.

Knowing what your target audience likes or dislikes and what types of things they want to share will give you a good starting point for creating content that gets shared. For example, if you're an online writer and are thinking of creating a how-to article, you should be considering topics like:

  • How to write,
  • How to promote,
  • How to build an email list, or
  • Other writing-related tips that would help your target audience.

Many great brands have mastered the art of creating marketing content that is truly reflective of their target audience.  This means they're not trying to cater to everyone but to those they know are most likely to buy their products.

Evoke High-Arousal Emotions

Evoke High-Arousal Emotions

When you put readers or viewers into an emotional state, they're more likely to share. Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg recommends inducing higher levels of arousal through your writing: “Treat it as a high-stakes activity. Think about: What would you do if you were excited?

What would you do if you were scared?” Rather than just mentioning your product or service, use your writing to stir readers into a high-arousal state. Don't be afraid to give a little of what you're selling too: Laugh. This is the secret ingredient for getting readers to share your posts. Humour makes people more likely to share posts. “Humor helps people bond with brands,” says Tapjoy CMO Bill Jordan. “People share funny stories, photos, and videos more quickly than other kinds of content.

Get Influencers To Promote Your Content

When you create a viral Facebook post, you get only about 150 likes. When you make a viral Youtube video, you get thousands of shares. Why? Influencer marketing. At its most basic, influencer marketing involves targeting top YouTube celebrities or YouTube influencers and having them promote your brand.

For example, on the YouTube channel, It's Just Marketing, the online marketing strategist Scott Lowe covers marketing strategies and tactics, among other topics. A frequent video topic? Search engine optimization. He offers his SEO tips in his series of videos. Even though this YouTube channel has only 985 subscribers, Scott posts weekly and regularly get comments and shares from thousands of viewers.


Creating great content is a never-ending process, and the one factor that can make a significant difference in your results is consistency. Keep creating great content regularly, and your chances of generating a high number of shares should go up dramatically. As you keep creating content, keep in mind the following pieces of advice.

Use well-designed graphics and photos. Your audience might be lazy and always scroll past the ads in their feed. So, let your visuals do the talking. People will click on your share buttons because of your design, and if it's not great, your content might get lost in a sea of mediocre posts. However, if your content is visually appealing, it will stand out in your feed, and people will likely want to share it.

I trust you enjoyed this article about How To Make Your Content Go Viral. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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