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CreativeLive vs Skillshare


Introduction To Our Creativelive vs Skillshare Review

What are the most common recommendations you are getting from doctors and physicians? Don't go out! Stay at home! Work remotely! Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything. Importantly, it has changed the way we used to go to university and work. With the advent and availability of the internet for everybody, online courses are rapidly being expanded by educational institutions. They give us a chance not to get stuck with the current limitations and keep getting an education. Online courses have saved educational institutions from getting bankrupt.

However, it is not easy to find professional online courses. First of all, practical and useful online courses require technical supports. It doesn’t matter how professional an online platform is. It always needs to be checked and maintained. Also, more importantly, the instructors must be the best of the best.

Online classes have some limitations. For example, some students are not OK with online communications. So, the teacher must be able to engage them rapidly. Moreover, online courses should be reasonably cheap. Creativelive and Skillshare are two of the best platforms pioneering in online courses. They provide you with very diverse topics so you can learn whatever you want.


Benefits of online courses

Benefits Of Online Courses

There are many advantages associated with online courses. What do you think they are? Here are some of the most popular ones:

  • The most obvious advantages of online courses are that you don’t need to waste your time getting stuck in traffic. You can sit behind your desk, drink your coffee, and listen to the teacher. Given all the money you need to spend on fuel, taking the subway or taxi, online classes are going to be economically reasonable too.
  • It is a good opportunity for parents to control their children better. Parents can check on children more accurately. Also, children have to perform better.
  • Thanks to new technologies, you can record all the content presented in online classes. Sometimes, students are shy to ask questions when they don’t understand something. Now, they can easily record all the online classes and watch them several times to understand them.
  • Imagine that you want to learn the Spanish language. However, you cannot find any good and professional Spanish language teachers in your local areas. You can easily find online Spanish courses in other cities or even other countries. You will access high-quality teaching materials easily.
  • Learning in online classes is more engaging too. Because the instructor can easily share necessary visual content, including videos and photos, you can watch and listen to these materials as much as you want to teach you better. Sharing this content in online classes is much easier than in normal classes. You need to one or two clicks, and then you will have them saved on your device.



So, do you want to get familiar with Creativelive? Let's get started. As we said, Creativelive is a website for online courses. If you are looking to learn a skill and don’t trust all those thousands of online courses out there, Creativelive with being the best option for you. Let's review some facts about Creativelive:

  • It is an online creative community.
  • There are more than 1500 classes available on it.
  • Nearly 700 professional instructors teach-Educational materials.
  • Educational materials help you improve your skills.
  • Thanks to its high popularity, more than 10 million students have used this website's educational materials.
  • It lets you communicate with the best visionaries, leaders, and professionals.
  • After buying a course, you can get your money refunded if you are not happy with the content.
  • Educational materials are not exclusive to individuals signing up for the classes. In fact, online courses for team members and employers are also possible.
  • The prices are reasonable, starting at $50 up to $200. One of the options offered to all students is the creator pass. This option gives you access to all the classes on the website. You will be able to watch them anywhere you want.
  • There are other features provided by the creator pass too. They include accessing exclusive conferences, more than 60 thousand digestible lessons. Also, downloading lessons for offline viewing is possible. If there is a newly published class, you will have access to it.

Creativelive Categories

Creativelive provides very diverse topics. It has basically five categories, including photo & video, money & life, art & design, craft & maker, and music & audio. You can find cool courses related to any of these categories. There are also subcategories for the users' easement.

For example, the category of photo & video has six subcategories based on essentials, genres, techniques, mobile photography, software, and cameras. The same is true with all other categories. As you can see, it has enough topics and courses to attract people's attention.


Examples Of Creativelive Courses

Some online courses have been top-rated. Many internet users have joined these classes because they have been sure of their quality. Here, we are going to introduce them to you. Here are five of the most popular Creativelive courses.


Workflow, Time Management And Productivity For Creatives

This is one of the most successful classes of Creativelive with nearly an amazing 65 thousand students. Interestingly, more than 90% of them recommended this class to others. In this class, you will learn how to proceed with your project and manage your time.


Adobe Photoshop CC: The Complete Guide

With nearly 120k students and a 90% rate recommendation, this class amazingly has taught you the principles of adjusting and retouching images using Adobe Photoshop CC software.


Fundamentals Of Photography

This class is for people who like to pursue a career in photography. It will teach you the basics of photography and the tools you need to start taking pictures professionally. This class has had nearly 97k students and an interestingly 0 recommendation rate.


How To Break The Habit Of Self-Doubt And Build Real Confidence?

This class will scientifically show how you can overcome self-doubt. It gives you many different ways to solve this dilemma. It has had 166k students with a � recommendation rate.


28 Days Of Portrait Photography

Issues such as styling, posing, marketing, and selling are taught in this class. Also, 28 different topics vital for any successful portrait photography business to know will be introduced. This class has been popular too, with 100k students and a 100% recommendation rate.


How To Find The Perfect Creativelive Course?

As we said, there are lots of classes and content are on the website. So, what should you do if you want to find a proper class? Fortunately, there are several ways in which you can decide to pick a class. For example, you can apply different filters to narrow down your search. Or, each class has a specific short description that you can use. Also, you can see all the topics covered in each class. So, you can decide whether they are interesting for you. You can get deeper by reviewing all the lessons covered in every course. Other options are class materials, Creativelive reviews, Reviews at Creativelive, and Student work.

Pros Of Creativelive

  • The quality of videos and all visual content is great as in-house videographers file them.
  • They have instructors in every profession, including best-selling authors, Grammy, and Oscar winners.
  • It is free to join classes as they are streaming.
  • The classes are phone and computer-friendly. Also, you can download the content of the class for your archive.
  • You can get refunded up to 30 days which is generous compared to other platforms.




Skillshare works just like for Creativelive. It is a platform for providing online classes with many different pics. There are ten categories, including animation, creative writing, film & video, fine art, graphic design, illustration, music, photography, UI/UX design, and web development.

So, what if you want to teach people? Interestingly, you can easily create a class for yourself, and other students will come and buy your services. Also, it is possible to do business analytics, freelance & management, and marketing. Many informative and creative videos can learn you a topic gradually and step-by-step.


Teaching at Skillshare

You have the chance to teach on Skillshare. Financially, it's a very reasonable choice because you can earn more than $100000 per year. So, if you think you are good at conveying messages to other professionals, start teaching on Skillshare.

The topics that you can teach are endless, and there is room for everyone. The main categories are illustration, design, photography, video, freelancing, and many more. On Skillshare's website, teachers share their ideas. They point out pretty interesting facts about Skillshare. Financial flexibility, being part of a supportive community, expanding your experiences, tasting freelance practices, and doing what you are passionate about are some of the advantages of Skillshare for instructors.

Here are some interesting facts about teaching on Skillshare you might not know:

  • You can publish a class on Skillshare without paying anything.
  • Every class includes both video lessons and a class assignment.
  • Classes usually take less than an hour.
  • You don’t need to be worried about your audience because they are already there waiting for your lessons.
  • Skillshare will guide you with nice tips and tricks to maximize your class efficiency.
  • Skillshare comes with something called Teacher Handbook. It is a series of articles on different topics to improve your teaching experience. Topics mentioned in the handbook include getting started, planning, promoting, and producing the class. It also helps you earn revenue, engage your following, and finally build your channel.


Pros of Skillshare

  • First of all, many classes are covering a wide variety of skills for everyone.
  • It doesn’t matter if you have a university degree and certificate. If you are good at teaching, you can have your own class.
  • The website controls the quality of classes regularly.


Cons of Skillshare

  • One of the most important aspects of your class is the feedback from students. However, you don’t often get these tips from them.
  • Community features are optional for instructors. So, they might not like to participate.
  • Some courses on the website are free of charge. So, you can use them as a trial run to see whether you can communicate with classes well or not.
  • All users can publish classes.
  • Also, it is good that some of the instructors on Skillshare are very famous in their own fields. It causes attention for sure.

Skillshare Pricing And Plans

There are three plans available on Skillshare, including free level, premium membership, and team accounts. The premium membership costs $99 per year. You don’t need to pay for the free level, and that's why you are exposed to the advertisement on them. You will also have access to other class-related content such as PDF workbooks and community discussions.

Alternatives To Creativelive And Skillshare

Creativelive and Skillshare are not alone in the market. Due to all the limitations posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, online classes are getting attention. Some of the alternatives are MasterClass, Khan Academy, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and The Great Courses Plus.


CreativeLive vs Skillshare


We need to accept that normal classes don’t give us the efficiency and productivity we are looking for. In addition to all challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, normal classes are slow, time-consuming, and not engaging. Therefore, online classes are so popular. They cut times and are cost-effective. Creativelive and Skillshare are two of the most famous and popular platforms in the market.

They are both presenting many different topics for everyone. You have the possibility to both get classes and communicate with a community of people with the same interest. Also, you can engage in teaching if you have any talents or skills. Both platforms also have free content and free features for you to give them a try.

I trust you found this article helpful. We will get back to you with new content. Take care.



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