BigCommerce Tutorial

BigCommerce Tutorial

BigCommerce Tutorial

BigCommerce Tutorial

It has never been easy for eCommerce newbies to choose from hundreds of platforms to start their online business. Especially, it seems to be harder to figure out which platform is the cream of the crop when each of them offers different features and incentives.

Regarding limited knowledge and experience to operate an eStore, we suggest that beginners should take advantage of all-in-one eCommerce solutions where everything has already been set up. Therefore, we’d love to introduce you to a dynamic one-stop-shop, beginner-friendly BigCommerce.

What is BigCommerce?

As a comprehensive eCommerce solution, BigCommerce offers you an open, secure, online store that you can use to build and sell products and services online. As the central hub for all the products and services, BigCommerce enables you to manage all the features of your online store. It’s equipped with a wide range of features, such as invoicing, customer service, shipping, accounting, and payment processing.


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The platform also comes with a feature-rich mobile app, which facilitates shopping across all devices. BigCommerce even allows you to sell products and services on sites such as eBay, Instagram, and Facebook. As the core of BigCommerce, the BigCommerce software is driven by the power of the Cloud. BigCommerce is the world’s leading, cloud-based eCommerce solution provider. It offers free Web host and Web store for up to 3,000 products.

Another advantage of BigCommerce is that you can access the platform on any device with an internet connection. So if you are new to online business, it is a good idea to try out BigCommerce. Even more exciting, it is a platform where anyone can learn how to start an eCommerce business.

To give you a sense of scale, BigCommerce developers launched the biggest cloud-based eCommerce marketplace, featuring more than 120,000 products, 5,000 retailers, and 800,000 users. BigCommerce has been chosen by one of the world’s leading eCommerce platforms providers.

Its astonishing feature list includes features such as a built-in payment gateway, Web store for small to large online retailers, a customer relationship management (CRM) system, advanced inventory management tools, a store template editor and a sophisticated web store designer.

BigCommerce is the most popular, single-tenant SaaS platform available on the market today. It is one of the world’s fastest-growing and most successful eCommerce systems that are easy to use and powerful. It is available in the cloud and has no dependencies. Moreover, it is compatible with various programming languages, so you’ll be able to create your online store using any platform that supports PHP, JavaScript and Python.

You can also extend the functionality of BigCommerce by adding third-party modules. With the most powerful SaaS platform, you can build a powerful online store and even a comprehensive web presence that supports you for years to come. The beautiful interface of BigCommerce is extremely easy to use. It’s the most popular commerce software on the market. It’s so popular in fact that more than half of the online commerce platforms are using BigCommerce as a foundation.

BigCommerce was originally designed as a social enterprise, developed by Utah-based Rally Software. This social enterprise was the result of a rich tradition of outsourcing. The idea was to provide software to the needs of developing countries. BigCommerce can be used in over 140 countries. BigCommerce currently serves 8 million merchants worldwide.

If you have heard about BigCommerce for the first time, then you might be wondering how it’s different from other eCommerce platforms that also claim to be one-stop shops for your business needs. The answer is simple, BigCommerce doesn’t care about what kind of eCommerce solutions you have in mind, it just wants to focus on doing business.

Aside from offering your own branding, it is a universal eCommerce solution that is highly compatible with Shopify and Magento. In fact, BigCommerce offers integrated integration with a whopping 50 online stores. Furthermore, it comes with no-frills features like Order Management and Supply Chain Management that are key requirements for a successful online business.

How Does BigCommerce Work?

How Does BigCommerce Work?

BigCommerce is a full eCommerce system. The basic idea is to build an online business without creating a separate website. It is a platform to grow and operate an eCommerce website. With BigCommerce, you can build a unique store for any type of product or business on your own without any programming knowledge. Thus, you can get to the next level of doing business, by taking into account features that are typically available only to the eCommerce specialists.

On the other hand, you can apply them to eCommerce stores and give them the similar look and feel to those of a dedicated eCommerce site. If you’re used to managing your eCommerce business from a platform that has complete version control (to save all your transactions), BigCommerce will take a little time to get accustomed to. Nevertheless, once you get the hang of things, you’ll see that BigCommerce is a complete all-in-one solution.

BigCommerce is all about ease of use. What you need to know is that it’s easy to set up, store and manage an eCommerce store, while simplifying the customer experience with wide-ranging features that can help you stand out from the crowd. Without a doubt, one of its most amazing features is the ability to customize your eCommerce storefront’s design, feature and overall look, which is incredibly easy to do.

If you’re running a physical store, you can also leverage it as your online shop, which will certainly provide a vast array of new possibilities. You’ll be amazed by the variety of sections and layouts that are available. Another thing that you should consider is that you can easily transfer all your existing customer data in order to start all over again.

BigCommerce is an all-in-one eCommerce platform designed to offer the ease and convenience of online shopping. It is a fully integrated solution and features everything you need to start your own online business. From plugins, tools and extensions to a detailed UI with options to customize your shop, BigCommerce is easy to navigate. As you will see below, this comprehensive eCommerce platform provides everything you need to make your online business an online success.

BigCommerce’s affordable pricing, offline features, well-designed user interface and super-fast processing make it the most popular solution among eCommerce developers. Thus, starting an online business with BigCommerce is less time-consuming than you expect. BigCommerce is a Cloud-based Enterprise and Small Business eCommerce store builder.

With BigCommerce, you can implement your own social media site, sell on Amazon, or even sell worldwide through BigCommerce’s Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. BigCommerce provides a very generous and flexible platform for eCommerce beginners with tons of tutorials and guides available on the company’s official website.

BigCommerce has its own support channels for social media, marketing, and technical assistance. BigCommerce requires little to no programming skills, but it requires highly specialized knowledge to customize the store to your specific needs and fulfill your requirements. BigCommerce’s “Learning Paths” is an excellent help if you are just starting out.

Advantages Of Using BigCommerce

Advantages Of Using BigCommerce

Most importantly, you can build a robust and feature-rich eCommerce store in a matter of minutes without having to invest any serious time in designing the store from scratch. On the BigCommerce website, you can simply sign-up and learn how to develop your first eCommerce store in a completely different language, and for free. Moreover, using BigCommerce is as simple as installing a single plugin or adding a simple feature to your existing website.

Unlike other eCommerce platforms, BigCommerce focuses on simplicity rather than pushing developers to innovate and adopt new trends. This is a perfect place for any business to get started with the latest eCommerce trends and tools. And this may be the only platform you are going to find at your disposal.

It’s beginner-friendly: First of all, BigCommerce is very easy to use and doesn’t require any prior experience in front-end web design and online entrepreneurship. It has everything that a newbie would need. Thus, the first step is to select the eCommerce category and set up a store with at least two categories and four products or services. After that, users can go to the Shop dashboard to manage the store and to complete the sale.


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After that, they just need to publish a product image in their store and specify the address of their store. Comprehensive customization and management options: BigCommerce is one of the only eCommerce platforms that allow customization of every aspect of your store in a totally easy manner. That way, users can run their store and configure all features.

BigCommerce offers an easy-to-use store template that simplifies the process of designing a great store. The store template comes with built-in warehouse management and shopping cart, and a whole host of powerful and dynamic features, which allow eCommerce entrepreneurs to fully customize their online stores.

The best thing about BigCommerce is that it can be used both as a hosting platform for your online business or an eCommerce platform for building websites and apps. This has multiple advantages. It can be used as an alternative to your eCommerce hosting service if you need a cloud-based system to sell your products online, such as an online shop, an online music store, or even an online store for e-readers.

You can easily sell your products from anywhere in the world. You can also sell your products through a new online store or a second website. So, it doesn’t matter which way you look at it. If you need to sell products online, BigCommerce can be a good option for you.

Creating Your Account

Creating Your Account

Visit BigCommerce Website. Click on Create Account. Enter your name and email. If you have more than one account, choose one, then click on Next. Enter a password. Enter your credit card number. Fill the form up completely.

Click on Submit and you’ll be redirected to your Account Dashboard. The BigCommerce Store is built to offer endless options to its customers. As we have already mentioned that the package is divided into three different payment types and the third one is Shopping Cart. No matter what type of shop you are planning to start, there is a pack that will cover all your requirements.

This pack can be selected from the Dashboard under the Payment section. We suggest that you first create your account and before proceeding with your first step, we urge you to read its terms of use and privacy policy carefully. In order to create an account on BigCommerce, go to and click ‘Create Account’ on the home page. Once you have filled all the required fields, you will be asked for an email address.

Remember to send an email to if there is an issue with your account. Next, provide some personal information and other necessary details that will be used in our company’s monitoring. Onward, you will be redirected to a page where you can create your preferred tax id. When you create an account with BigCommerce, you can do so without creating a free account first. In fact, you are able to begin the process within minutes!

After you have entered your email address, credit card, and chosen your hosting provider, you will be redirected to your “Creating Account” page. Then, you have the option to create a new store, start an existing store, or provide the details of a free store. If you prefer to start a free store, you can do so by clicking the New Store button. On the same page, you will have the option to sign up for the BigCommerce web store. If you are able to verify your account’s existence, a registration form will be presented. This will allow you to create a Store Invoice.

Choosing Your Theme

Choosing Your Theme

Starting your BigCommerce Store from scratch will require a lot of important decisions. After reviewing a few platforms, most beginners end up with the type of eCommerce website they’re already familiar with. If you choose to dive into the exciting world of eCommerce, then it’s time to get out of the house and go on an adventure.

Therefore, take a look at the types of eCommerce themes provided by BigCommerce:

  • Orchestra,
  • Level,
  • Platform,
  • Builder,
  • Container, and
  • Logger.

So, which one do you choose? If you ask me, Level is the right one. This theme focuses on features that will make you feel more confident when running your store. If you’re a web developer, you’ll benefit from the built-in store that’s useful for coding. With more than 250 store themes and 100+ plugins, you can choose from any combination that best fits your business requirements.

Choosing a suitable design and a theme that suits your business goals is not as easy as it seems. You have to decide which features matter the most to you and find out whether a particular theme meets your needs. For example, you need a product search field to feature products available for sale, therefore, make sure that there is such a facility. Before beginning to choose your favourite theme, make sure that the following prerequisites are fulfilled.

Email Hosting – Ideally, the template should come with a built-in email distribution list that can be used by the business owners to send promotional emails to the subscribers and customers. If this feature is missing, please ensure that the platform offers the option to use a third-party service for this. Some examples include MailChimp or Constant Contact. WordPress or Joomla –

The eCommerce website should be hosted on a suitable server that can handle heavy traffic and maximize the performance of the platform. There are free eCommerce WordPress and Joomla hosting services available at GreatHosting4U and Digital Ocean.

BigCommerce free Customize your store page allows the amateur eCommerce administrator to customize the theme, colours, buttons and fields that can make his store site look as beautiful as it can. No matter, if you don’t have any experience with web design or you don’t have knowledge about the technical side of making an eCommerce site, we’d highly recommend you to check out our full-service eCommerce eShop Builder.

Adding Your Logo

Adding Your Logo

First things first, we need to add the logo and the website domain to your BigCommerce account. You can start by logging into your BigCommerce account, selecting Design > Logos and adding a logo to your store. BigCommerce works in-browser, so there’s no need for us to set up complicated installation procedures. There’s no need to download applications, set up hosting, or fill out any kind of registration form. We’ve developed advanced installers that will help you with the setup as soon as possible.

Just click on the blue “Add my new store” button, copy and paste your store’s name in the field, click the “Next” button and you will be all set. The other benefit of choosing BigCommerce is that it offers an attractive logo generator to help you create a professional-looking logo in minutes. BigCommerce automatically recognizes your logo and provides you with the opportunity to customize the template of your website as well as to select from different colour and font styles.

Moreover, by adding your custom-coded logo, you can make your store appear more personal and deliver a more appealing appearance. The icon that BigCommerce displays on the homepage is unique and marks the presence of the online store.

This allows shoppers to associate themselves with the product or service that they are interested in. BigCommerce allows shoppers to have immediate access to your store’s products and services. Customers can immediately see your store’s products, reviews and other relevant information without having to leave your page.

Adding Your Products

Adding Your Products

BigCommerce stores consist of some simple categories (e.g. Clothing, Shoes, Items for sale) in which you can place your products. The categories that you create can represent your products’ characteristics. Each category provides you with an area to list your products and display their detail. For example, if you have a bedding store, you can create a category for linens.

The same thing applies to other categories such as food and drinks. You’re not only limited to using just one category for your products. You can have different categories, and you can also have subcategories. Let’s say you’re a clothing store owner. You have a shoe store and you want to sell fashion accessories as well. So you can create a category called fashion accessories, and a subcategory called accessories.

Let’s start by clicking on “Add Products to BigCommerce” in the navigation bar, which should open a screen similar to the one below. There are four main sections available: Products, Collections, Categories, and Themes. Click on the “Add Products” button and a window like the one below will appear. BigCommerce has two different types of categories: Products and Items. You’ll have to choose which category you’d like to add your products to.

However, it’s important to notice that the previous screen was just a launching screen, and it does not show any real content of your products. This makes it easier to choose the right categories. If your products come in different sizes, colours, or materials, then you should select the one that fits better with them.


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Adding Other Pages

BigCommerce has the basic details you need to start your online store. It’s even easier to add items to your cart and proceed to checkout. Other than that, you can also make your store catalogue accessible to your customers from the BigCommerce Dashboard or a web browser. Those are just the bare minimum features that an eCommerce platform should offer. The good news is that you can further customize your BigCommerce store by using a custom configuration of your own.

This is also the reason why it’s called a “Commerce Platform” as opposed to a “Seller Platform”. You can also add other pages to your BigCommerce store, according to your particular needs. You can add additional pages and customize them the way you want them to be. It’s possible to create a new page on BigCommerce in just a few clicks without using templates, which we really like because most of us don’t have the time or the design expertise to get things right the first time.

Adding Blog Posts

If you’re a blogger, there are lots of ways to add BigCommerce posts. From integration of Content Management System (CMS) to using WP migration tool, you will be provided with appropriate services to get BigCommerce posts done. Once, you complete the BigCommerce integration, you can start uploading and publishing blog posts to your store.

You can now go ahead and provide a detailed description for each of your blog posts, and also provide all the valuable content that makes your content appealing to the readers. BigCommerce has set a high bar for ease of use and design as well as powerful features for managing and running your online store.

One of the most versatile eCommerce platforms, it allows you to add blog posts to your website, from easily adding a basic store-like page to creating the layout of your website from scratch, to adding dynamic landing pages for your products or adding new products to your existing pages.

You can create a blog using the custom domain or a BigCommerce URL: Once you’ve logged in, you’ll find that the shopping cart and payments page is to your left. Click “Blog Posts”. Just as in WooCommerce, you can use the BigCommerce API to add advanced features like blog posts, products or custom fields in any area.


BigCommerce offers a powerful range of tools for designing and marketing products, products delivery options, inventory management, reporting, analytics, Paypal integration, online payments, marketing automation, and social media. All of these benefits are vital for aspiring online entrepreneurs who wish to accelerate their business development.

I trust you enjoyed this blog post about the BigCommerce Tutorial. Would you please stay tuned for more articles like this to come? Take care!



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