13 Best Image Optimization Plugins For WordPress

13 Best Image Optimization Plugins For WordPress

13 Best Image Optimization Plugins For WordPress

13 Best Image Optimization Plugins For WordPress

Images may enhance the user experience on your website, raise your brand, and provide you with more marketing materials. However, too huge photos might slow down page loads, which harms your SEO and annoys your visitors.

Optimizing your photographs may avoid these problems and use all the advantages images offer. Reducing the size of the images and altering how your website loads images accomplish this.


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The procedure might take a while if done manually, but WordPress users can employ image optimizer WordPress plugins to simplify their work. Here I introduce the 13 best image optimization plugins.

1. Smush

The most well-known image optimization plugin for WordPress is called Smush. It employs lossless compression (i.e., no quality is lost from the picture file) to lower the size of each individual or all of your images by up to 5 MB. Other efforts, such as slow loading and auto-resizing, are also taken to enhance page speed.

A simple plugin for novices is Smush. All you have to do to activate this plugin if you install it on an already-running website is visit the plugin's settings. Following that, it will optimize each of your current photos. As long as you have the plugin installed, any fresh photos you submit will be automatically optimized.

For most WordPress users who want to compress their photos but don't have the time to do it themselves, Smush's free edition and its premium partner, Smush Pro, are fantastic all-around choices. Smush Pro ($6 per month) eliminates file size restrictions and decreases file sizes more than the free version (the free version restricts you to images under 1 MB).

2. Optimus

Optimus upsizes uploaded WordPress pictures by 70% if bandwidth is an issue. The plugin does this by submitting your site's image files to the Optimus server and receiving new, smaller ones. Since it is lossless, the photographs' quality won't be affected. Additionally, it eliminates the need to physically compress the photos on your server.

Optimus is a hands-off solution that improves your site's page speed by automatically processing the photos as they are uploaded to your WordPress site. If you want, you may halt the automated optimization.

Optimus has two premium versions in addition to its free version: Optimus HQ ($29 annually) and Optimus HQ Pro ($149 annually). Both commercial versions provide users access to the developer API, conversion for WebP pictures, and HTTPS connectivity to the Optimus compression server. Since it offers a license for each client site, Optimus HQ Pro is preferable for individuals who oversee many sites.

3. EWWW Image Optimizer Plugin

Similar to our first two suggestions, the EWWW Image Optimizer plugin optimizes photos as you submit them to your website. It also allows you to optimize previously uploaded JPG images individually or in bulk. EWWW uses lossless compression.

However, EWWW has a few unique bonus benefits that set it apart. There is no need to be concerned about using huge, uncompressed photos since the plugin supports infinite file sizes.

The premium API version may also handle PNG, GIF, and WebP files, which is fantastic for websites that use all three file formats. Lastly, EWWW Image Optimizer includes a support staff that responds to all queries from free users.


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The finest WordPress picture compression plugin is EWWW Image Optimizer. It is simple to use and can instantly optimize any photographs you provide. Additionally, it may bulk-compress and optimize the previously submitted photos. Even though your photographs are compressed, it won't be easy to identify the difference in quality between compressed and uncompressed images.

Additionally, the whole compression and optimization process is automated. This covers lazy loading, picture resizing to meet the appropriate size page and device, and even conversion to the next WebP image format. Additionally, it may optimize pictures created by other WordPress plug-ins and kept in locations other than your media library directories. This plugin supports JPG, PNG, GIF, and even PDF optimization.

The plugin also offers a free version to optimize images on your server. For WordPress website owners worried about privacy, this may be fantastic. The subscription plan, which includes an image optimizing CDN that will automatically compress and convert photos as they are viewed, is the better option for sites with a lot of images or getting a lot of traffic.

The price of the EWWW Image Optimizer is the best part. Plans with unlimited picture storage start at $7 per month. A more expensive package is required if you have many websites. To make your site load even quicker, your plan includes a caching engine, CSS/JS optimization, and Google Font optimization.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer

4. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Lossless and lossy image compression options are provided by the freemium image optimization plugin ShortPixel. Lossy compression, which results in substantially smaller files but a somewhat worse picture quality, involves deleting some data from the file. Try ShortPixel if you're trying to decide between these techniques.

This plugin's ability to save the original copy of the picture and make it simple to restore it if necessary is one of its greatest features. Other minor advantages include picture resizing and conversion from CMK to RGB. ShortPixel supports unlimited JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP, AVIF, and PDF file compression.

Users may optimize 100 photographs using ShortPixel at no cost; extra images need a monthly fee. For 7,000 photographs each month, for instance, you would pay $3.99; for 16,000 images each month, you would pay $8.33; and so on.

Another excellent picture compressing plugin for WordPress is ShortPixel Image Optimizer. You may choose from various compression formats, which are loaded with sophisticated features. As soon as you enable the plugin, it begins to compress photographs and saves your original images in a separate folder.

You must provide your email address to get an API key if you're using the free plugin. You can only compress a maximum of 100 photographs each month with the basic free account; to raise this cap, you must subscribe to one of their premium plans.

By just clicking a button, you may convert PNG to JPEG and vice versa. Additionally, it works well with the WPML translation plugin, NextGEN Gallery, and WooCommerce.

You may integrate the service to automatically update your photos with the latest version if you use Cloudflare as your WordPress CDN. The price of ShortPixel is likewise quite low. Plans start at $4.99 per month for up to 5,000 photos per month, depending on the number of photographs.

With its comprehensive feature set, ShortPixel Adaptive Images has everything you need to enhance your WordPress image performance.

You have access to many features and capabilities, including the compression method that has become synonymous with ShortPixel. It may assist you in reducing the size of the picture file by up to 90% without apparent image quality compromise.

Is There Anything Bad About ShortPixel?

Given the wide range of functions that ShortPixel offers, there isn't much to criticize. It is important to note that this plugin is not free. You may compress 200 photos a month using the plugin at no cost. You must switch to a premium plan if you require anything more. Additionally, to continue getting the free 200 image credit, you must register for a ShortPixel account.

5. TinyJPEG And TinyPNG Image Compression

By integrating with the image compression services TinyJPG and TinyPNG, Compress JPEG & PNG Images automatically optimizes your JPGs and PNGs. These programs examine the picture's content to choose the optimal compression method without sacrificing image quality. As part of this compression, duplicate data, distracting artifacts, and reduced or removed information are also removed.

Compress JPEG & PNG Photographs will automatically optimize your images, including those already on your website, while you upload them in the background. Additionally, there are plugin options to maintain specific picture information, such as copyright and geolocation, a CMYK-to-RGB converter and no file size restrictions. You may only download around 100 photos for free each month, however. You will then need a paid account.

The creators of TinyPNG produced Compress JPEG & PNG, and to use the plugin, you must register. With a free membership, you can only optimize 500 photographs each month. Upon upload, photos may be automatically compressed. Older photographs can also be bulk optimized. You may choose the picture sizes you wish to optimize using the plugin's options.

A limit upload size for your original files may also be established. Images that are bigger than that will have the plugin automatically resize them. JPEG files also allow you to store picture information like the time and date, copyright details, and GPS coordinates.

6. Imsanity

Try Imsanity if you're seeking an image optimizer plugin that resizes rather than compresses. As you upload photos to your WordPress site using this free plugin, the size of the images is changed. It is exceptional in that you may set maximum width, height, and quality levels, and it will identify and resize any photos that exceed those limits. As a result, it is perfect for websites with less strict overall image needs.

Imsanity can also convert less optimized file types (such BMPs and PNGs) to smaller JPG formats and includes a mass resize tool for any previously submitted photographs. This plugin works best on sites with plenty of material, like blogs, where writers must post their own photographs. Use Imsanity to automate the process rather than manually depending on contributors to scale photos.

Please take note that Imsanity only uses WordPress default compression. To further reduce your resized photos, you may utilize an image compression plugin in addition to Imsanity.


7. Imagify

Imagify compresses your recently uploaded photographs in addition to the images already in your WordPress media folder, much like a few of the choices mentioned before. Everything is handled automatically, which improves your productivity and saves you time.

Imagify has three optimization levels you can choose between in the plugin options. For the smallest picture files with the worst image quality, the three possibilities are lossless compression, lossy compression, and high lossy compression. You have greater control over the level of quality and file size, thanks to this.

Because it works with WooCommerce, NextGen Gallery, and other well-liked plugins, Imagify is the best option for websites that need to compress many photos. Imagify also has a backup function that lets you start again at any moment by restoring the original version.

Is There Anything Bad About Imagify?

However, the major problem with Imagify is that you can only optimize up to 25MB of photographs for free each month. Even for a newly launched website, it is a terrible low. The majority of unoptimized photos you will see have a size of roughly 1 MB. As a result, you are only permitted to use the plugin to optimize up to 25 high-quality photographs every month.

8. reSmush.it

Each picture you submit is compressed using one of many image compressor techniques. With only two clicks, you can mass optimize pictures and compress images up to 5 MB for free.

It ensures that you never lose the original picture by making a duplicate of it and using that copy as the basis for compression. It offers a sliding scale for optimization level for even greater control over compression level.

Another excellent option for a WordPress image compression plugin is this one. It offers a mass optimization option for older photographs and enables you to optimize images on upload automatically. A simple slider gives you complete control over the picture quality and compression.

You may choose the amount of optimization for your uploads, and it utilizes the reSmush API to optimize photos. The lack of varied compression settings is a drawback. Additionally, it restricts optimization to uploads less than 5MB. If you need to include a full-size picture, you may choose not to compress specific photographs.

9. Kraken.io Image Optimizer

The Kraken.io API, an image optimization service that offers lossless and lossy compression, is compatible with this plugin. In addition to other capabilities like a Page Cruncher and Dropbox compatibility, Kraken provides picture optimization. Optimization is carried out through Kraken's infrastructure and integration of the result to your WordPress library.


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In addition to compressing, the plugin automatically resizes photos depending on specified maximum dimensions upon upload. It also features a bulk action menu for handling several images at once.

The file size restriction, a liberal 32 MB per file, should also be noted. You are restricted to 100 MB of photographs each month on the free version. There are five subscription options for higher file size restrictions, ranging from $5 per month for 500 MB to $79 for 60 GB of pictures.

WP Compress

10. WP Compress

The last image optimization plugin is WP Compress, which uses local and live image optimization to reduce file sizes. Additionally, it provides device-specific adaptive pictures, retina device compatibility, and lazy image loading. The process of file compression is fully automated.

Additionally, WP Compress employs a CDN to provide photos as quickly as seven milliseconds without compressing them. It also provides many capabilities for agencies that can manage many client sites. WP Compress is a solid candidate for individuals who manage several client sites because of these characteristics.

11. Optimole

Another great option for a WordPress image compression plugin is Optimole. This plugin needs a short account registration and API key setup to use. It then provides you total control over your picture optimization and is simple. An image CDN powers Optimole, so your photos will load swiftly regardless of where your visitors come from. With a CDN, your photos are real-time optimized and sent to website users at the ideal size.

It is simple to modify compression parameters for individual photographs since you can examine all of your optimized images on a single dashboard. It lets you change several settings, like the compression level, huge picture scaling, slow loading, and more.

Even better, you may use a special option to have your photographs automatically watermarked for you. For photographers who want to safeguard their work, this is fantastic. The price is determined by how many visits you get each month. Up to 5,000 visitors may use the free plugin each month. While the premium plans enable up to 25,000 monthly visitors and start at $19.08 per month when invoiced annually.

Is There Anything Negative About Optimole?

The main drawback of Optimole is that none of the reduced-size and compressed pictures are saved in your WordPress database. These are created and sent instantly. As a result, none of the optimized photos are available to you, and there is no way to use them in other contexts.

12. WP Rocket

The top WordPress caching plugin available is WP Rocket. It will make your website blazingly fast and is highly user-friendly for beginners. WP Rocket has tools for image optimization, including lazy loading that only loads pictures when viewed.


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They also created a plugin by the name of Imagify. With just one click, you can optimize all of your photographs with this plugin. Additionally, it allows you to restore your photographs to their original size and resizes them as needed. Additionally, you have total control over picture compression and optimization parameters. Your settings will be used to optimize each of your photographs.

13. Jetpack

Jetpack is a potent plugin suite for WordPress that unifies key WordPress functions into a single plugin. Security, performance, and marketing are the main priorities. The performance category includes the features for image optimization.

It just takes one setting to be enabled to enable picture compression. There are no other options that need to be configured. It automatically optimizes your picture and uses a CDN to send it to your visitors. This lessens the burden on your server and speeds up picture loading for your website's users.

When Is A WordPress Image Compression Plugin Necessary?

When Is A WordPress Image Compression Plugin Necessary?

Images take longer to load than plain text, which might cause your website to load more slowly. Though the proverb “a picture is worth a thousand words” has surely been spoken to you.

Your information is more dynamic and interesting when there are images. You must web-optimize your photos if you want to increase the performance of your WordPress website. Your WordPress SEO will increase, and you'll receive more visitors if you optimize your photos to make your site load quicker.

The most straightforward approach is to alter the picture using Photoshop or another program before uploading it to WordPress. You now have far more control over the picture quality on your website. However, not every user feels at ease using an image editing application.

Some individuals may find the idea of optimizing every photograph they post to be time-consuming. The good news is that you may do it with the aid of many WordPress image compression plugins. These plugins optimize your images by automatically compressing your photographs and using the smaller version on your website.


EWWW Picture Optimizer is the finest option if you seek the greatest image compression plugin. In addition to having an image CDN and other features that help speed up your website, it delivers high degrees of compression without compromising picture quality.

Optimole is a fantastic alternative for sites with lower visitor levels. It runs fully in the background, handles picture optimization for you, and offers free hosting for up to 5,000 monthly visitors. ShortPixel is a reasonably priced plugin that delivers excellent degrees of compression and image conversion, so it's worth looking at.

I trust you enjoyed this article about the 13 Best Image Optimization Plugins For WordPress. Would you please stay tuned for more articles to come? Take care!




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